What should I Expect?


Welcome to The Climb!
I excitingly, welcome you to The Climb where God positions the ladder and order our steps.  I as your shepherd want you to pursue every avenue in our church that will help you develop and build character along with Christian growth.  I, of course, want you to receive all that God has for you.  The ministries in our church are for your pleasure to help you grow and minister to the body.  You make the choice.
I am personally here to help and serve you.  No problem is too small for me to take time to hear.  I am never too busy, or occupied to serve you or members of your family.
CJLM is a ministry set up to take you from one level or your life to the next. As you climb the ladder of success each step takes you closer to your God given destiny.  The journey is just as important as the destiny.
We want all your family members empowered and saved.  CJLM Ministries served the entire family in all situations.  We urge you to do the best you can in all of our financial goals, but do not feel threatened.  I urge you to attend all services and bible classes, for we have designed them for your spiritual growth.
I am happy God has sent you to us, and I pray that the love of God will mold us together.  May God Bless you as you experience The Climb!

Yours in Christ,

Nick S. Edwards Jr.
Senior Pastor