Our Story

History of Climbing Jacob’s Ladder International Ministries (CJLIM)

The Vision Conceived

Let us rewind the events of the past and for a few moments describe the beginnings and vision of Climbing Jacob’s Ladder International Ministries. It all begin in 1995, God in his sovereign and infinite wisdom deposited a seed in the heart and mind of Pastor Nick Sherman Edwards, Jr. and gave him a futuristic vision for CJLIM.
Pastor Edwards has never been satisfied with church being status quo. His passion and desire to see young people saved and enjoying the good life God has prepared for them. It was through the scriptures, God revealed to Pastor Edwards, the life of Jacob and the different stages he encountered.  This would be the foundational stages  Pastor Edwards would used to mirror a person’s life as they begin their journey through at the Climb and their save life. The stages in the ministry are the:  Beginner’s Climb, Intermediate Climb, Advance Climb and the Ultimate climb. These various levels of “climbs” would propel each individual to their fullest potential and destiny in God.
Furthermore, God showed Pastor Edwards in a vision, that one day he would have a facility that would entail an indoor restaurant, a Youth Center, School of Ministry for leaders, and a 5000- seat Worship Center with greeters, ushers, and parking attendants. The vision included a Teen Pregnancy Center, Housing for Newlyweds, and a Charter School and so much more. The Lord allowed Pastor Edwards to hold all of this inside of him while serving faithfully under his Father for over 30 years at New Testament COGIC.

The Vision Giving Birth

On December 31, 2009, about 2:00 am, while seeking God in a Shut-in service at New Testament Church OF God in Christ, God revealed to Pastor Edwards it was time to leave his home church and birth out what he had planted in him. During the Sunday morning service, Pastor Edwards announced to the church that God had released him to begin his own Ministry. This secret had not been revealed to any one, not even his family.
And so, the journey began for Pastor Edwards, like God leading Moses through the wilderness, it was God leading and guiding his every footstep. He began to organize meetings at his home for the opening of Church.  The very first church Pastor Edwards went to for the opening service had a much smaller edifice. But God did not allow this church to rest in his spirit. After a meeting with the board of trustee, he decided not to sign the lease. Not knowing what to do, but going back to what he always does, Pastor Edwards prayed and ask God for direction.
The Pastor of the first church called him and told him he had a friend that may be interested in letting you use his church for your first service. After speaking to Pastor Hearns, the very next day he agreed we could use the church for our opening service- God once again showed his hand mighty and that he would lead and guide his servant. And so, God birthed out CJLIM with its first service on March 29, 2009 at Christian Faith Ministries in Garden City, Michigan. The church was full and the message for the evening was “The Climb” found in Genesis the 28th chapter. Pastor Hearns and the Christian Faith Ministry Church were so gracious to us that we continued having our services from March 29, 2009 to March 15, 2012. What a blessing in disguise because the enemy told Pastor Edwards he was going to fail, but the God we serve always comes on time. Christian Faith Ministries, a beautiful church had enough space to accommodate every one of our ministries.

The Vision is Yet Unfolding

The story does not end, in July 2011; Pastor Edwards by the leading of the Holy Ghost was lead to the edifice that we are now in: 3844 Harrison Road located in Inkster Michigan. The church membership also felt that this is where God was leading us as well.  In pursuing the property we were out bided by another church – but the church was in the people’s heart and also in the heart of Pastor Edwards. But we believed that if this was not the one- God must have something better.
In September 2011, Pastor Edwards’ niece, LaShonda Lewis was searching the website and discovered the church was yet on the market. To Pastor Edwards’ disbelief, the church was still there after the Real Estate Agent told him it was sold for cash.  On March 17, 2012, we were able to move into the church, and then pay the church off in September 2012. God’s timing is impeccable and his ways are past finding out! Everything we needed for renovation of the church was available when we needed it and the blessings of the Lord continues to flow up until this day.
The Lord has been faithful and has confirmed my ministry through many prophesies that have surely came to pass. Pastor Edwards says “I expect God to continue to bless and fulfill every promise he said he would do”.
CJLIM is Blessed, We are so Blessed, We are really Bless!