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Pastor Edwards has been an Educator for 20 years. He spent ten years in the classroom, and the last 14 years in administration. In the Inkster community, he has served 14 years, as an Outstanding Administrator. He served as the Blanchette Middle School Principal for 4 years and the Inkster High School Principle for 8 years. He also served in Central Administration for 2 years. Pastor Edwards is the founder and Pastor of Climbing Jacob’s Ladder International Ministries located in the city of Inkster Michigan. He has been Pastoring this Church since 2009. Pastor Edwards has been in Ministry for 35 years, and served as Assistant Pastor with his Father at New Testament Church. Pastor Edwards Sr. and Mother Edwards have trained their son to pray and have great faith in God. The Christian morals and values taught by his parents at an early age are visible in his attitude and conduct as a professional. During his higher education venture, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Education Administration from Marygrove College, and he attended William Tyndal Bible college. Pastor Edwards also attended Harvard University for special training in School Reform and served on a Board for Change for two years. Pastor Edwards won numerous awards for Ministry and Service in the Greater Metro Detroit Area. Pastor Edwards founded and developed many programs in his church and School: Ten years working and preaching in shelters in the Detroit area, Founder of the Man in Demand Club ( 9yrs – Senior), Youth Outreach Programs for over 29 years, Youth Speaker/ at many churches and schools, Special Academies (Ivy League and Career Academies), Mentoring programs, Meap University, Youth Ministry and Evangelism Street Ministry, Youth Camps and Bible Bowl, Seminars and Workshops, Saturday School, Peer Mediation Team, Sunday School Superintendent. Pastor Edwards believes: Education is the Ministry of Imparting the Power of Knowledge to all students, and stresses to them the importance of dedication and perseverance to reach their goals. Pastor Edwards’ motto is: ” I’m Too Tough To Quit” and “Setbacks Are Not Defeats”. “I am proud to be in the ministry of serving others!”

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CJLIM is established to meet your every need. A life center that ministers to the heart , mind , body and spirit.


Building Lives to the Highest Level in God.


Our Mission is to lead people to realize there is a need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want people to discover their Destiny is in God, and develop skills in building relationships, serving others, and continue to climb to their greatest potential.


Climbing Jacob’s Ladder International Ministries’ vision is to lead people to their highest level in God, taking one step at a time. Each step leads you closer to your ultimate destiny in God. We believe that God has uniquely placed us in this world with a purpose to fulfill. We are determined to provide teaching and training to equip every believer for ministry inside and outside of the church. Our ministries will take you up the ladder of success to your greatest accomplishments in life.